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The Importance of Effective Pest Control


An effective pest control system is a prerequisite to any site's operational system to protect the products on site.  Procare will take the time to understand and consider the unique elements of your operation prior to setting up, operating and monitoring a pest control system for your premises.  Pests including insects, rodents, mammals and birds must be excluded from any manufacturing or storage facility, as they are a significant potential source of microbiological and physical hazards.



Warehousing & Logistics

Hospitality & Food Production


Public Services

Eliminating any Loss or Damage


Pests can cause damage and financial loss through consumption of stock as well as damaging building fabric, for example some cases of fire have been attributed to rodents gnawing through electrical wires.  Pest problems may also be an indication of poor standards of hygiene in general, and a lack of effective pest control procedures can lead to loss of business and product recalls.

Proactive Pest Control


Successful pest control requires a close working partnership between the service provider and the companies site management, with continued communication.  Procare will help establish a proactive programme for effective pest management to satisfy your operational requirements.  The selection of the control and monitoring methods, and the type and frequency of inspections will be determined upon our initial visit to your site.






The first principle of pest control is prevention, keeping the pests out of the site grounds and specifically out of production and storage areas.  Procare will conduct an initial site visit and continually notify you of any potential routes of pest entry during future visits.


The second principle of pest control is to reduce the attraction for pests and control numbers through effective site management.  All pests need food, water, favourable temperatures and somewhere to live (harbourage).  Influencing these factors through various pest control methods can greatly minimise the potential for pest infestation.


As pest entry cannot be prevented entirely, control measures will be necessary as part of the solution we integrate.  The presence of a pest infestation is often a symptom of a problem, and the source, location and cause must be investigated so that these can be eradicated to minimise the likelihood of future infestations.


A large part of any good pest control management solution is continual monitoring of the premises, including prevention and control methods.  Along with regular site visits from our trained operator, a variety of monitoring devices are available which can be used to give an indication of pest activity, thereby allowing further investigation of appropriate corrective action.

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